The Saxophonics


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Royal Norfolk Show

Without a cloud in the sky and the sun beaming down brightly it was evident that summer had finally arrived, and we were walking round the hundreds of stalls at the Royal Norfolk Show.
After spending the morning in the baking heat looking at everything from Bentleys to bracelets we arrvied back at the Duke of Edinburghs award stand ready to start our set. Whilst the esteemed guests tucked into their lunch we played to the public and guests alike.
Later that afternoon we returned to give a special performance, with some of the toher groups who had been playing that day,to the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward. Once the music had finished the prince came and spoke to all the performers, and we presented him with a copy of our album much to his delight.
Hopefully this will set the trend for the rest of this summers gigs, with brilliant weather and great audiences!


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