The Saxophonics


Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Queen Victoria

With the roast nearly done we began to play inside the cosy surroundings of the Queen Victoria Pub in Snettisham. A big thankyou to Hannah Colman for deping for Alex on tenor sax in the last few gigs at Wells and The Queen Victoria. We were met with warm applause from people in the restraunt and bar area. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and music despite the poor weather outside preventing us form playign the beer garden.
This was meant to be Annika's last gig on soprano sax as a member of The Saxophonics, and we were all sad to see her go. However since then we have received a last minute booking this Thursday on Wells quayside! We will be playing at a charity event on the large restraunt boat mored on the quayside, raising money for the Kenyan Orphanage Trust, giving you another last chance to hear the current line up of The Saxophonics


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