The Saxophonics


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Music Marathon

On Saturday morning we took part in the 22nd Music Marathon organised and run by the talented pianist John Harris. Over the years he has raised over £10,000 for good causes, and this year was no exception with the event predicted to break the annual £500 target.
The marathon takes place every year, since 1985, in Heacham Church Hall with (almost) non-stop music from 10am till 10pm. This year the money raised went to Multiple Sclerosis Research, Diabetes UK and Asthma Research.
We played in the morning in front of honourable guests and a thriving audience, and also sold a few CDs with proceeds going to the Marathon. A good time was had by all and big thankyou to John for inviting us to play, keep up the good work!
The Saxophonics

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Saxophonics ready to play at The Music Marathon Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hat Trick!

Last week we once again took part in the competition for the Shorten Cup, which is part of the Norwich Music Festival. The competition is endorsed by the Shorten family to try and encourage young children to take up music, and is specifically for chamber ensembles under the age of 18.
This year there were three groups in the competition, a guitar trio, a wind quintet and ourselves. Entrants are given a 15 minute slot in which to perfrom their strongest peices in front of a specialist judge and audience.
All three groups performed to the highest standards demonstarting thier talent, skill and agillity on thier instruments. However after some deliberation the judge announced The Saxophonics to be awarded first place.
2006 will be the last year we'll be entering this competition as next year we're all over the age limit and off to university, so it was good to go out on a high!
Pictures from the event will follow soon!